Video recordings

Due to the amount of video footage, it takes a bit longer for the page to load.

Video available via YouTube showing the build of my 3-axis magnetometer and the initial setup of the hardware and software. For non-hams some information about aurora and some sounds.
Video available via YouTube showing the build of a System Red sferic receiver that is part of the
Video made during a strong duct between Cap Verde and the United Kingdom. D41CV could be copied for nearly 1 hr.
Using MAP65 in the shack.
My friend Gyuri, HA5UK, on 144 MHz SSB
Output meter of the GS35b amplifier. You should reads Watts in stead of Kilowatts, never corrected the meter after someone pointed out that I made a type-error in the Tonne meter sofware.
Portable in JO20WX, just a few hundred meters from home, free takeoff to west, north and east.
Portable in JO20WX, just a few hundred meters from home. Free take off to east, south and west.
Last evening that the Swedisch contest station SK7MW took part in the Nordic Activity Contest. Goodby but not farewell.
Artificial speech from the PA4EME shack; working SSB while typing text on remote location.
TFT-screen from the PA4EME Javornik 144/14 transverter.
Take-off view from JO20WX
144 MHz Phaseshifter. The video shows the screen from the IC-7300 at 14.240 MHz. This is 144.240 MHz as the Javornik transverter converts 144 MHz to 14 MHz. The Phaseshifter is in the main 144 MHz signal path.
Solarpanal noise and other inteference on 144 MHz; video made for Dutch authoreties.
Smartblanker in Linrad 4.07
EA2XR on 144 MHz tropo
Restauration of a Philips R6516 (Wheatstone Bridge, Schering Bridge) dating 1968
Restauration of a Philips RC tonegenerator NL6832 and measeringbridge R6516 dating around 1965
SN7L via 144 MHz tropo

Output of the transponder which was mounted on the weatherballoon that was used for the Dutch Balloon Fox Hunt 2015. Input frequency was 432.550 MHz; Output 145.475 MHz. At the moment of recording the balloon was at an altitude of 16 km at a distance of aprox. 200 km. The recording was made in the shack of PA4EME using a FT847. The fading signal is caused by the rotation of the antenna below the balloon. During the timeframe of the recording the balloon dropped from aprox. 16 km to 1200 m and landed about 2 minutes after the recording stopped in Oosterzee, JO22VU.