I moved to this QTH in April 2004. A few weeks later I started the proces to raise an antennatower for my antennas. It turned out not to be as easy as I thought. As cable TV was rolled out over the country, antennas became more and more considered as a horizon pollution and disappeared from the roof of houses. With some adaptions and weakening I could start building the tower in spring 2005.

Versatowers are seldom bought brand new from the manufacturer. Most of them are purchased second hand and don’t come with the strenght and stiffness calculations that are needed for the building permit. I was lucky to obtain a full set and could use this when the building permit was requested. When you are in need of these calculations, please feel free to download the full set from my webpage. Meanwhile a few other amateurs were able to use them and succeeded in a building permit for their antennatower.

If you were able to use it, just drop me a note via the contact form.