Hamradio has always been an important part of my life. So you may understand that I have taken my radio equipment to many places on the globe. Often low profile or as a backup for emergency communications when mobile phones were not available or too expensive as there were aditional costs for roaming and data.

Landmannalaugar, Iceland. Activating IP03 on 144 MHz MS, 1995

In the past I have done many contests on portable locations, visited rare locators and carried out some DX-expeditions to activate a country via the moon. Limited in time and funds available for the hobby, all these expeditions were on the European continent. I have traveled to more exotic places but that were always family holidays without radio

In the old days we did not have digital camara’s or mobile phones to make nice videos as we do nowadays. So the available material is limited and often not good of quality. I do have a 1 hour video from the HBo EME-expedition we made in 1990. It’s digitalised but the quality is not so good after many years. But from recent times I added some video footage made on a hilltop nearby in the same locatorfield as my house. Even that it is not so high (in fact just as high as when my antennatower is raised to it’s highest point) the amount of noise is much less then at home. In the summer it is a nice place to be….