Make More Miles on VHF is the leading portal for information about DX-expeditions and propagation on VHF. The information is collected by a small group of international team members, all skilled and experienced VHF DX-ers. MMMonVHF will give you all details about forthcoming and ongoing DX-expeditions, propagation and summeries from openings on 144 MHz.

Main page MMMonVHF

When you visit the portal at MMMonVHF, the main page will give you an instant view of the current conditions, the latest news-updates and the most recent QSO-maps for Sporadic E and Tropo.

PA4EME is newscatcher, manager for the 144 MHz Meteorscatter Sprint Contest and maintains the sections Tropo and Sporadic E. Since June 1th 2021 I’m the webmaster and hoster of the website.

Frequent users of the MMMonVHF portal will recognise the maps below. The maps are created from data extracted from logs send to MMMonVHF. The logs that are used are published in the summeries and with that information you can compare your results with others. The maps are used bij editors of VHF-columns of various magazines. Everyone is free to use the maps and logs from MMMonVHF, provided that the source is mentioned.

MMMonVHF is organising the 144 MHz Meteorscatter Sprint Contest. This annual, 48 hours contest, is held during the maximum of the Perseids meteorshower. Participants are mainly in Europe but we receive entries from other continents as well.

eAWARD for the MakeMoreMilesonVHF and DUBUS MS SPRINT Meteorscatter contest
eAWARD for the MakeMoreMilesonVHF and DUBUS MS SPRINT Meteorscatter contest

Members of MMMonVHF are in contact through radio and internet. Sometimes we organise a personal meeting on a interesting location and team members are joining when ever possible. During such meetings we are often visited by other DX-ers.