Javornik 144/14 Transverter

The Javornik 144/14 is a very high performance transverter for 144 MHz. It is designed in 2001 by Robi, S53WW. The name of the transverter originates from Veliki Javornik (1268 m asl), the heighest peak of the Javornik Hills in the Dinaric Alps. This hilltop is the location of the S59DEM contest station. The transverter has been available as a kit for experienced builders and there have been 3 versions of PCB’s. The kit was made available via S51RM and S53RM.

The transverter contains two synchronous receive converters and one transmitting converter. With a local oscillator from 130 MHz, the IF is 14 MHz. The 14 MHz input may vary from -20 dBm to +20 dBm and the output is 20 Watts. The NF is around 1,0 dB typical, depending of the use of RX chain 1 or 2. TX noise -118 dBc/2.4 kHz.

Below you will find full scale schematics, PCB-layout and manuals for the Javornik 144/14. All credits to the original authors.

The Javornik building- and assembly manual is in Slovenian language. Those who are experienced builders will understand the content but it can be handy to understand some extra given information about the design and some extra details of the build. When Google Translate became available, I made a full Slovenian-Dutch translation for myself. The translation made me laugh many times but it was enough to get a better insight in the design and build. There was given no attention to the looks and page layout.