High performance EME-transverter: JAVORNIK 144/14

Nowadays digital contacts via EME are more common then CW. There are only a few stations to work in CW so it’s necessary to adapt your station to work new initials on 144 MHz EME. As my original JAVORNIK 144/14 (a high performance transverter that converts 144 MHz to 14 MHz) is used in combination with LinRad and a Afredi AFE822x SDR to MAP65, I was in need of a second station to work tropo or other digital modes like FSK441 etc. The original design of the JAVORNIK 144/14 by S53WW is from 2001 and meanwhile parts became absolete so a new design was needed. All together it took nearly a year to finish the new transverter but it works very well and is stable enough to work QRA65 and the very late mode Q65. It contains also a TFT-screen for some extra control of the transverter. In the section [Technics] I will give a more details from the build.

Project pages filled

The new webpage was created almost a year ago. However, beside some basic information, a lot of content was not available yet. That’s about to change as I have started to add and fill the project pages. I have uploaded a lot of pictures from various homebuild projects. As far as possible extra informationContinue reading “Project pages filled”

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