144 MHz powerdividers

Stacking antennas or transmitting circular on XPOL yagis means the use of powercombiners/powerdividers. I have made several to suit my needs. The pictures above shows two two-port dividers with 7/16 DIN connectors. They can handle more than 3 kW easely. These can be used to split my outputpower to feed a XPOL-yagi or when I am using just two stacked yagis in single polarisation. The build is straight forward using 40x40x2mm aluminium combined with 22 mm copper pipe. You can use AppCAD to make the needed calculations.

As I use a stack of 4 XPOL LFA-antennas I have made two 4-port dividers with 7/16 DIN input and N output. These combiners are mounted on the horizontal bar of the stacking frame. Below some pictures. The metal screws are used to fine tune the divider on the stacking frequency and the plastic screws are there to support the inner tube.

As always the build of the dividers have been carefully monitored by Joep, 2nd operator and shackdog of PA4EME.